Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cambuilder: Learn More About Cambuilder Reporting

We're constantly improving Cambuilder reports to better meet your needs. Expect to see updates to the Cambuilder dashboard and reports in the near future. In the meantime, we'd like to walk you through the available reporting tools.

What's on Your Dashboard?

Your Dashboard currently offers two direct links to view your revenue for Today and Yesterday. Clicking on the figures will take you to a detailed view of that day's earnings for all your white labels. A major facelift is planned for the dashboard that will integrate charts and provide helpful visual summaries of your data.

What Reports Do We Offer?

Visit our reports page to see a comprehensive view of joins, new spenders, and revenue during a selected date range. Each of the below reports offer different insight into who your users are, when they spend, and how they spend.
  • Total Stats Report - An overview by white label. 
  • User Value Report - Offers insight into user value over time. 
  • GEO Stats Report - View revenue and joins by country. 
  • Platform Report - See which devices are popular with your users, including desktop, mobile, tablets , and smart TVs.

What Can These Reports Show Me?

You can filter your reports by date as well as tracking ID to check the performance of specific promo tools. After you've filtered the data, you can drill down further by grouping your data by date (the default), tracking ID, or referrer ID. Once you've chosen your filters, click "Get report" to generate your data.

Grouping your data will change the results under the drill down option. Click the blue plus symbol next to your white label to see the data by group.

After clicking on the plus symbol, rows will appear under your white label. In the below screenshot you can see an example of the “Group by date” option.

What Is the User Value Report?

The User Value Report shows the spending of your users over time. Choose a specific date range and you’ll be able to see how many users have joined, how much users are spending, and how user spending habits have changed over time. This will help you understand the long-term value of your users. This report can help you predict revenue streams based on the number of new users you're acquiring and the spending behavior of your previous members.

What Is the Geo Report?

The Geo Report lists the countries where your white labels are doing well. You can identify the sources of traffic that are the most profitable and have the best conversion rates, allowing you to optimize your traffic. You can see your top 10 countries by default or click "Other" to see a full list of countries.


What Is the Platform Stats Report?

The Platform Stats Report shows which devices your members are using to access your white labels. You can determine which devices produce the most valuable traffic in order to optimize your traffic sources.

With these tools you can begin to better understand your traffic sources and the value of your users. Cambuilder will be releasing many features that will help you optimize your existing traffic as well as improve new user acquisition. Continue to subscribe to the Cambuilder mailer to keep up to date on the latest releases and features.

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